Charles Winburn is an award winning and published photographer, specializing in portrait, animal, landscape and architecture. He has been featured in an international advertising campaign by Microsoft, as well as winning an award at Digital Photography Review for his tilt/shift photography.

Based in Alexandria, Virginia Charles provides high quality portrait work for model portfolios, family and business clients, as well as corporate events and real estate. He is partnered with Jeremy Rusnock Photography for weddings and engagements.

While studying for my Masters in Physics, my interest was piqued in photography because I need to learn about optics and utilize camera sensors for conducting tests.  As a result of this, I started taking photographs, so it was somewhat serendipitous that a couple years later I met an art student who was studying photography.  I asked her to critique my work and go on photo shoots with me.  My knowledge of light and being trained as a physicist along with her knowledge of composition and subject matter helped me to start visualizing the world as an artist.  My passion was born and I felt a connection to my ancestor, Great Great Uncle J T Winburn, a well-known photographer in the early 1900’s.  250,000 photos later I still feel the same passion about photography and enjoy experiencing the world through my lens!